Tear Stain Causes and Solutions

What Causes Tear Stain?

Tear Staining is a major concern for owners of light coated breeds of Cats and Dogs.

 Any dog can have an issue with tear staining. No dog is immune to this problem. Tear Staining is the red/brown discoloration that can usually be found on a dog under the eyes and around the mouth. It can also be found on the feet and elsewhere.
We can also see these tear stains in cats, most commonly in Persians. In both dogs and cats, this is a common cosmetic problem caused by an overflow of tears onto the cheeks.
Tear Staining can have various sources or triggers, such as porphyrins, food additives ingredients and or additives, minerals such as iron in the water they drink, bacteria, allergies, environmental irritants such as perfumes or cigarette smoke, teething as well as genetics and medical issues such as infections.

Shallow eye sockets. If the eye sockets aren’t big or deep enough, tears can spill out onto the fur around the eyes. 
Eyelids that are turned inward. If the eyelids roll in toward the eyeball, the drainage holes for tears (called puncta) may become blocked. 
Hair growth around the eye. If hair grows too close to the eye, it can wick tears away from the eye and onto the face. 
Blocked tear drainage holes (puncta). Previous dog eye infections or eye damage can cause scar tissue to form that blocks some of the drainage passages for tears.

Dust, pollutants, perfumes and cigarette smoke, can definitely be a factor in causing irritation or allergies.
Another environmental factor that is commonly blamed for tear staining in dogs is allergies. Dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies and irritants like pollen just as humans. Vaccinations and medications can be a causative or additive factor to allergies.
Drinking Water:

Many municipal systems, as well as wells, can have water that contains high mineral content which can certainly contribute to staining problems. It is best to use filtered or bottled water to eliminate this as a cause.


Food Ingredients, Additives, And Dyes:

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the ingredients in poor quality and even many “higher quality” foods can cause or contribute to tear staining. Many of the foods that claim to be of superior quality still use ingredients from the “pet quality” food suppliers. It is important to use a food, supplements and treats that only use human grade ingredients.

How To Get Rid Of Tear Stain?
As breeders, www.alwaysmaltese.com we have tried many products over the years and found only limited results. Determined to find a safe solution we developed an all natural product that we use for ourselves. It addresses yeast, bacteria, porphyrins it is also is a cleanser and lightens the stains very well. It is applied topically. It can be used safely on a regular basis and contains no bleach, peroxides, antibiotics or steroids. It is made from all human grade natural ingredients. Best of all it works, works well and works better than anything we have tried before.

We have received so many inquiries as to how we keep our Maltese so clean and white. We have decided to make it available to everyone. We call it: 

Always Bright Eyes

Always Bright Eyes contains no bleach, peroxides or harsh chemicals. Always Bright Eyes acts as a natural antibiotic, anti fungal and anti bacterial to treat the source of the stains and has natural drying and lightening agents that remove the unsightly stains.
It is a 2 step system. The first step is cleansing under the eye with the all natural liquid which contains an all natural herbal formula that works to eliminate bacteria and yeast at its source. The second step is an all natural powder which helps keep the eye area dry and prevents re-growth of the bacteria that can cause the staining. The powder contains two unique drying agents that work together to dry, exfoliate and lighten the area under the eye. An all natural herbal ingredient which has antibacterial properties helps to prevent bacterial growth. Always Bright Eyes is: Topically applied not ingested. Made with natural human-grade ingredients. Non-irritating Safe and easy to use.
Twice a day is a good way to start.

Evening application: One thing you can do to improve results is to clean the face thoroughly with the liquid and then after you apply plenty of powder, work it in with your fingers. Then apply a little more powder after that with the brush.

In the morning when it is dry, you can comb out the face and apply some more liquid, rub it in as well to help exfoliate, blot it with a tissue or paper towel (this will help to have a “dryer” look for during the day.) Then, apply some powder brushing it in.

Be sure to watch the video for some great insights and more details 
on applying Always Bright Eyes for maximum results!

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