Our Complete Super Whitening/Conditioning Grooming Line

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  • This is our power-packed lineup of super whitening and super silky shampoos, and conditioners.
  • Includes a 16 oz. bottle of our amazing super whitening and clarifying shampoo along with an 8 oz. bottle of our super whitening concentrated facewash. These two really work to get a coat clean and bright and get the yellow out. Enhanced with optical brighteners.
  • You also get a 16 oz. bottle of our super silky whitening conditioner for a clean, sleek healthy coat. Also, enhanced with optical brighteners...
  • There is also an 8 oz. bottle of our Miracle Mist super silky leave-in conditioner spray. specially formulated for a sleek clean shiny coat. works especially well for flat ironing longer coats.
  • All made in the USA and completely satisfaction guaranteed