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This video contains some great insights on applying Always Bright Eyes to achieve the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE!

Always Bright Eyes contains no bleach, peroxides or harsh chemicals.
Always Bright Eyes acts as a natural antibiotic, anti fungal and anti bacterial to treat the source of the stains and has natural drying and lightening agents that remove the unsightly stains.

Our application technique really gets the tear stain removal process going. It's called "Rub It In!" "Rub It In."It's about getting the product worked into the hair. Here are the basics. 

  1. Apply the liquid with the brush, be sure to use plenty, then "rub it in" with your fingers. Work it in like your washing the hair between your fingers. Be thorough. Then comb through the hair.

  2. At this point, you can blot dry the hair with a paper towel.

  3. Next, apply plenty of powder with the powder brush, and "rub it in."

  4. Rub the hair between your fingers, Working it in, rubbing it into the hair shaft. Again, be thorough. The process is important for the product's ingredients to work their best.

  5. You can then brush in more powder. We recommend applying it at night, in the morning you can brush the hair out and apply some powder for the day.

Always Bright Eyes really works - Especially when you apply it well. Always Bright Eyes really works - Especially when you apply it well. We want it to work for you. Please keep us posted on your results and email or call with any questions.

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It may give you some other useful information that may help.

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