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Always Bright Eyes

We are Alan and Veronica Fawcett AKA Always Maltese Always Maltese.com.
Over the years, we've tried just about everything. Frustrated by poor results, we finally developed our own solution:
Always Bright Eyes Tear Stain Remover. 

and our

Always Bright Eyes Complete Grooming Line
Now we're making it available to caring pet owners like you.

Do you own a white or light-coated dog? Having trouble removing tear stains?
We hear you.

Always Bright Eyes is 

Made with all-natural ingredients, our Tear Stain Remover is effective for all light-coated dogs & cats. 
This USA-Made Formula:

  • Gently cleans, dries, lightens & exfoliates
  • Resists yeast, bacteria, fungi & porphyrins
  • Helps eliminate tear stains completely
  • Helps prevent further staining

Best of All, It Really Works
First, apply your Always Bright Eyes liquid & work in thoroughly. Next, apply the powder & rub it in. The more you rub, the better. With proper, regular use, you should see awesome results: lighter, cleaner fur, with no unsightly stains or crusty residue.
100% Safe & Natural
Made from human-grade natural ingredients, this non-toxic solution contains no bleach, peroxide, cornstarch, antibiotics, or steroids. Use it again & again with complete confidence.
Comes with Free Instructional eBook Our Instructional Video & A Full Guarantee
We're sure you'll find that this amazing stain remover works better than others you've tried. But if you're not thrilled, just send it back for a full money-back refund. It's risk-free, so add to cart now.

our full line of grooming products is also available!