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Always Bright Eyes Tear Stain Remover

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Why Are So Many Pet Owners Crazy About

Always Bright Eyes Tear Stain Remover?

Because They've Tried It.....

It's Safe, It's Easy To Use, And It Works!

Always Bright Eyes Is An Effective One Of A Kind System. It Is Safe And Easy To Use. Contains All Natural Ingredients.


Why live like this?    

   When you can have results like this? 

Our Two Step system Cleans And Lightens
Tear Stains On All Light Coated Breeds.

Tear Stain Can Be A Thing Of The Past.

Always Bright Eyes Treats And Removes Tear Stains:

Have you tried everything on your little angel? Unlike other products, when used properly & regularly, our exclusive solution can blitz stains & prevent new discoloration.


Fights Germs & More:

Thanks to its powerful, proprietary formula, our Tear Stain Remover resists yeast, bacteria & porphyrins. Helps keep your precious pet free of future infections.


No Harmful Chemicals:

Made with natural, herbal ingredients, with no bleach, peroxide, or antibiotics - nothing that could irritate eyes, damage fur, or endanger health.

For All Light-Coated Pets:

Developed by veteran Maltese breeders, this tried-&-true solution works well for a variety of breeds, including Shi-Tzu, Bichon, Poodles & Yorkies. Great for kitties too! 


Customer Support & Guarantee:

Manufactured right here in America, Always Bright Eyes comes with a free instructional eBook & video, email updates & full guarantee: Love it or your money back.  

Over $45 worth of products if purchased separately. 
Our Complete Set Is A Real Value.

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Always Bright Eyes  
How to Apply it to
achieve best results.

Our application technique really gets the tear stain
removal process going.
It's called "Rub It In!" "Rub It In."

It's about getting the product worked into the hair. Here are the basics.

  • Apply the liquid with the brush, be sure to use plenty, then "rub it in" with your fingers. Work it in like your washing the hair between your fingers. Be thorough. 
  • Then comb through the hair.
  • At this point, you can blot dry the hair with a paper towel.
  • Next, apply plenty of powder with the powder brush, and "rub it in."
  • Rub the hair between your fingers, Working it in, rubbing it into the hair shaft. Again, be thorough. 
  • The process is important for the product's ingredients to work their best.
  • You can then brush in more powder.
  • We recommend applying it at night, in the morning you can brush the hair out and apply some powder for the day.

Always Bright Eyes really works! Especially when you apply it well. We want it to work for you. Please keep us posted on your results and email or call with any questions.



Small Tear Stain Remover Kit
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 See What Others Are Saying

THIS PRODUCT WORKS! This is an absolutely wonderful product! I have had Maltese for over 16 years and tried many products to eliminate and prevent their staining, and have had little success. Always Bright Eyes is definitely everything that is stated in its description. 

Ashley B. (Amazon)

This is THE VERY BEST tear stain remover on the market. I use it on my Maltese puppy, and it makes her face super bright. People ask me all the time what my secret is to keeping her face so white...and it's Always Bright Eyes. No harsh chemicals, and smells great. If I could give it 10 stars! 

Laura R (Amazon)

Excellent product that works! I use it on my Maltese and it works better than anything on the market. Nothing out there does as good a job as Always Bright Eyes. Easy to use and you can't beat the results. 

Marianne W. (Amazon)

This product is AMAZING if you are suffering from dark tear stain issues with your white dog. I have a miniature American Eskimo that in under a month his severely brown/dark orange tear stains have completely disappeared while keeping the moisture of his daily tearing dry and at bay. 

Nathalie D. (Amazon)