Always Bright Eyes - Miracle Mist Super Silk Shine Spray - Leave In Conditioner Finishing Detangling Flat Iron Protecting Mist for Dogs and Puppies Baby Powder Fragrance.

  • $149,514.95

Always Bright Eyes Miracle Mist is an innovative leave in conditioner which provides advanced detangling as well as superior conditioning and shine. Protects and restores lecture, volume and Shine. Uniquely formulated with deep conditioning silk proteins as well as luxurious coconut extracts and aloe. Miracle Mist leaves a healthy looking shine and has a wonderful baby powder fresh scent.

Specially formulated to provide superior heat protection for flat ironing longer coats. Miracle Mist is designed to use after bath and also in between bathing. We recommend Always Bright Eyes shampoo and our super silk conditioner and face wash as well!

Our Always Bright Eyes line of grooming and tear stain remover products are the culmination of 20 years of experience breeding Maltese by Alan and Veronica Fawcett AKA Always Maltese. The years of practical hands on experience of trying one product after another led them to develop these amazing products for themselves. And Now!  They’re available to everyone!

Get your Miracle Mist super Silk Leave In Conditioner Today For a fresh clean healthy coat!

Made By Us, in the United States.