Always Bright Eyes

Tear stain is an ongoing problem for light coated pets and there seems to be a real lack of a product that genuinely works. Always Bright Eyes is the culmination of 20 years of experience breeding Maltese by Alan and Veronica Fawcett AKA Always Maltese. The years of practical hands on experience of trying one product after another led them to develop products for themselves. The resulting tear stain remover they developed keeps to there “all natural” approach to raising Maltese and grooming them. Always Bright Eyes contains no bleach, peroxides or harsh chemicals. Always Bright Eyes acts as a natural antibiotic, anti fungal and anti bacterial to treat the source of the stains and has natural drying and lightening agents that remove the unsightly stains. Finally a product that works! Due to the large amount of inquiries regarding how they kept their Maltese so clean, white and tear stain free, they decided to make their discovery available to some of their Maltese customers who experienced the same amazing results.